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About Me

Well I have been different all my life. From my earliest memory I have been able to see Ghost.. As I grew older my gift grew stronger. I went from seeing them to speaking to them. I was not afraid of them.  My life at home was not always that great.  I was alone a lot.  But I liked being alone. I would read and listen to music.

I left my home life and my family very early at 19 I found myself living in New Orleans all alone. I fell hopelessly in love with New Orleans. I worked in Jackson Square doing readings downtown. I did not realize then that my gift of being able to communicate with people who had passed was that rare. I honestly thought everyone could see spirits and talk to them.

In 2002 I had my daughter April that was a learning experince. I started working from home doing readings online. I started out doing readings on EBAY then I began working KEEN.COM as well as my own website.


After Hurricane Katrina August 2005 I took a very long brake from doing readings. I had to get my own life where it needed to be. Now here it is June 2009 and I am back.

I have learned so much in this life time. I thank everyone who has been apart of my learning experince.

A special thank you to a few that will always be in my heart, Becky , Jacie and Debra.

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Date Rated By Rating Comments
6/7/2009     OceanDiva   5 stars Tisha gave me the confirmation with details that I have been so desperately looking for all these years. She is remarkable in her readings of people, events and outcomes. I so very much appreciate your help today more than words can express. 
6/7/2009     benicetome2003   5 stars Thank you. Welcome back on Keen.  
6/6/2009     nileje   5 stars HOLY COW!!!!OMG!!!! Tisha is a cetified true psychic, she knew the names of all of the people in my immediate family, where I lived, the entire situation. I was just sitting there shaking my head unbelievable. She is truly blessed with a Gift. I waited years to speak to her and I'm so happy that I was able to speak to her on my birthday. The highest rating is not enough for her. TY 
6/6/2009     Jewel265   5 stars Tisha,welcome back to Keen! Even though we had not had a reading in so long you picked right up on EVERYTHING that is going on! Thankyou for keeping my faith up about the plans for this summer and for reinforcing that his feelings for me have not changed. Callers this is a reader who has the ability to give names,places,etc. as she sees them. She is AMAZING.  
6/2/2009     just4me33   5 stars Awsome. Amazing! I feel fantastic Sorry the call was so short. Highly recommend to everyone 
6/6/2009     arline110   5 stars  
6/3/2009     lawbuddy   5 stars  
5/31/2009     poptartlady6   5 stars